We deal with all OE Quality replacement spares for the following engine models.

     Engine Models:
D330 D333 D342 D343 D353 D398 D399
3114 3118 3204 3208 3304 3308
3406 3408 3412 3508 3512 3516
     Engine Models:
N/ NT/ NTA 495 KT/ KTA 1150 VT 1710 4BT 3.9 L10
N/ NT/ NTA 713 KT/ KTA 2300 VT 28G 6BT 5.9 N14
N/ NT/ NTA 855 KT/ KTA 3067 6CT 8.3 M11
KT 19G
     Engine Models:
4D95L S4D95L 6D95L SA4D95L SA6D95L
SAD102 S4D102 S6D102 SA6D102 6D105
S6D105 S6D108 SA6D108 S6D110 SA6D110
S6D114 SA6D114 6D125 S6D125 SA6D125
4D130 S4D130 6D140 S6D140 SA6D140
6D155 S6D155 SA6D155 S6D170 SA6D170
SA8V170 SA12V170 4D105-3,-5 S4D105-3,-5
     Engine Models:
53 Series 60 Series 71 Series V-71 Series V-92 Series