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Main Bearing   LINER KITS

Superior Quality Liner Kits as per OEM Standards.

  • 6BT, 4 BT
  • NT495, NTA495, NT743, NTA743
  • NT855, NTA855
  • VTA1710, VTA28
  • KT19, KTA1150, KTA2300, KTA3067, KTA38 , KTA19, KTA50, KTA50 G1, KTA50 G2, KTA50 G3, KTA50 G5
PP-3904166   Liner Cylinder 4B
PP-3904166   Liner Cylinder 6B
PP-3907792 EARLY Liner Cylinder 6C 133MM FLANGE
PP-3902370   Kit Liner 6C
PP-3919937 LATE Liner Cylinder 6C 131MM FLANGE
PP-3802407   Kit Liner 6C
PP-3944344   Liner Cylinder 6C
PP-3800328   Kit Liner 6C LENGTH 234 MM
PP-3080760   Liner Cylinder L10
PP-184400   Liner Cylinder NH220 /NT743
PP-BM98224   Kit Liner NH220 /NT743
PP-3055099   Liner Cylinder NT855
PP-3801826   Kit Liner NT855
PP-3007710   Liner Cylinder K19 THIN COLLAR
PP-3009549   Kit Liner K19 THIN COLLAR
PP-3202240   Liner Cylinder K19 THICK COLLAR
PP-3028434   Kit Liner K19 THICK COLLAR
PP-3022157   Liner Cylinder K38/K50
PP-3007525   Kit Liner K38/K50
PP-4024767 THICK  Kit Liner K19/QSK19
PP-4009220   Liner Cylinder K19/QSK19
PP-4024770 THIN Kit Liner K19/QSK19
PP-4009227   Liner Cylinder K19/QSK19


All manufacture names, Numbers, Symbols & Description are used for reference purpose only and it does not imply that any part listed is the product of these manufacture. All parts supplied subject to Pioneer Machinery & Spares standard terms and conditions, available on request.